Liftech Elevator's Technology-Services

Project studies

Project design in elevator installation is an unquestionable determent factor. Proper project design protects client from redundant expenses, defective work or future maintenance problems

Liftech's design sector personnel, consists of qualified constructor engineers who have many years of experience in the field and are always updated with the modern technological developments, through the Liftech's training programs. Our design sector can implement the study and the design in elevators installation projects in new constructions as well as and in old buildings or in locations where an elevator had not been considered from the beginning.


In all technical projects, especially in the field of elevators, the installation necessarily covers completely the technical specifications that project design inquires.

Liftech has the personnel and the infrastructure to implement efficiently elevator installation projects. Furthermore, Liftech has developed the necessary administrative mechanisms of supervising and controlling the installation projects which assure that the project's technical requirements are fulfilled.

In addition Liftech ensures that the materials and the equipment that is in use for any elevators' installation project are within the project's technical requirements and that they all have the necessary quality certifications.

Special constructions

There are cases where Liftech's elevator's technology and know-how, can be used in special applications, as for example in trade exhibitions or in industries where we have unique characteristics. Liftech holds distinctive experience in implementing this type of projects.