Dear collaborator

  It is an indisputable fact that the technological and economical developments of the past few years changed dramatically the demands from companies that operate in all technical branches in Greece and all over the world.
  Especially in the technical field of elevators the facts have changed completely.
  Parameters that concern security, functionality, reliability as well as maintenance services are kept with strict specifications in all of our applications in our field.
  As a result it is necessarily for all the companies that operate in the branch to have strong substructure, modern technological developments and highly qualified personnel
  LIFTECH knows all the above demands and promotes them constantly. The whole company structure moves towards quality and technology in order to achieve the absolute satisfaction of our clients and is able to fulfill the most demanding technical requirements.
  With this brochure we want to provide all our clients, old and new, a detailed description of LIFTECH ELEVATORS TECHNOLOGY and the potential that our co-operation can achieve.

Karousos Epameinondas C.E.O.